Love and Other Near Death Experiences

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Love and Other Near Death Experiences

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  • 352

  • 9780753821176

  • 2 mm

  • 12 mm

  • 240 gram


  • 4 OCTOBER 2006

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    Hello. My name is Robert, and I havent been dead for sixty-three days now. If he hadnt bought those crummy towels, Rob would be six feet under. But his poor shopping sense accidentally set off a convoluted chain of events that meant he lived when all those others died in the pub explosion. Okay, maybe it wasnt the ugly towels that saved his life. Perhaps it was some oth Hello. My name is Robert, and I havent been dead for sixty-three days now. If he hadnt bought those crummy towels, Rob would be six feet under. But his poor shopping...  Read More

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    Mil Millington

    Mil Millington is a British author of humorous books. He first came to public prominence as a writer when he created a web-site entitled Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About. The sites main content was (and remains) anecdotes describing arguments and misunderstandings between Mil and his German girlfriend Margret, mother of his two sons. The site was hosted on Wolverhampton Universitys servers, but Mil was required to remove it when it was pointed out that certain people failing to spot the sites intended humour might find a way to be offended by it. Such was the popularity of this site that Mil was offered a publishing deal, and wrote a novel with the same title as his web-site, but with new content, published in 2002.

    He has since gone on to write A Certain Chemistry (2003), Love And Other Near death Experiences (2006), and Instructions For Living Someone Elses Life (2008).

    Mil also is the co-creator of the site , and has contributed to several newspapers, notably The Guardian and the Daily Express. His fans can subscribe to his irregular on-line newsletter.

    The Guardian newspaper named Mil as one of the five best debut novelists in 2002. His works have been translated into Japanese, Russian, Dutch, German, Swedish, Finnish, Hebrew, Spanish, and Serbo-Croat.

    He is known for a liking for computer games, for having unusual hair-styles (including bright scarlet hair), and for taunting Americans for their inability to spot irony.

    Mil is currently working on the screenplay for Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About for Working Title films. He lives in Englands West Midlands with his girlfriend and their two children.

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