Roll Call (Traces, #3)

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Roll Call (Traces, #3)

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  • 19 SEPTEMBER 2005

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    16-year-old forensic investigator Luke Harding is hot on the trail of a serial killer. Using weapons that leave no traces behind, the murderer is killing women who have only one thing in common: they share the same name, Emily Wonder. When another Emily Wonder vanishes, Luke and Malc race back to London to save her from the murderer's plans - and from a tsunami that threatens to engulf the city. When there's a murder mystery to solve, The Authorities send in their top forensic team. Luke Harding runs fast, thinks even quicker, and has the best detective instincts around. His...  Read More

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    Malcolm Rose

    Believe it or not, until Easter 1996, I was a Lecturer in Chemistry at The Open University. I carried out research in analytical chemistry, particularly in the area of health, and I taught mainly organic chemistry. The teaching part of the job predominantly involved writing, with some radio, TV and video work. It also left very little time for fiction writing which I tackled mostly after midnight. Perhaps that is why some of my strongest scenes are set on dark nights! Anyway, I am now a full-time writer.

    Many people think it odd and fascinating that a scientist should also be a novelist but I don’t find it strange. After all, scientists have to be creative and show perseverance to carry out research. They also write a lot; in particular, they produce textbooks and articles on their research. Anyone who is imaginative, can stick to a task, and knows how to construct a sentence has the credentials for writing a novel. On top of that, my chemical research was aimed at understanding a little better some aspects of human life. A novel also seeks to illuminate some aspects of human life. The aims are similar even if the tools are different.

    I reckon novel writing is not so removed from chemistry as you might think. In one life, I mix chemicals, stew them for a while and observe the reaction. In the other, I mix characters, stir in a bit of conflict and, again, observe the outcome.

    I began writing stories while I was carrying out research at York for my DPhil degree in chemistry. Writing became a means of escape from everyday life. While I was at York, my then girlfriend (now wife) read my efforts and commented that I ought to try and get something published. I had never thought of writing as anything other than a hobby. Besides, as I thought then, a budding chemist couldn’t possibly be any good at it! Anyway, I joined a writers’ club to find out how to submit a manuscript to a publisher and, to cut a long story short, found a publisher in Willia

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