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Parallel Worlds

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  • 4 JANUARY 2007

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    Einstein calculated that Black Holes in the depths of space could function as doorways to parallel realities. But if such realities exist, theyre not light years distant. Theyre as close as the tip of your nose. And it looks like they can suck you in. Paperback Published by Faber Childrens Books

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    Herbie Brennan

    What you should know

    Name: Herbie Brennan

    Occupation: Author

    Favourite book: The Crimson Petal and the White, by Michel Faber.

    Favourite subjects: Esoteric matters, psychical research, anomalies, Mac computers, other people and cats.

    Favourite journals: Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, Mac Format.

    Favourite holiday spot: Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland.

    Number of books published: 108.

    Total copies sold worldwide: 7.5 million +.

    Herbie Brennan recently (written 2007, excerpt taken from The Restless Dead) celebrated publication of his 104th book, The Purple Emperor, a sequel to New York Times bestseller, Faerie Wars. A longtime student of sorcery, he discovered an old copy of the Lemegeton, or the Lesser Key of Solomon (a book that really does exist) in a junk shop and used it to conjure up The Necromancers. The magical techniques described in the story are authentic, but cautiously edited to protect the reader.

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