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  • 320

  • 9780140621907

  • 110 mm

  • 176 mm

  • 187 gram


  • 26 JULY 2007

    Publish Date
  • 22 mm

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    Features Meg who was engaged and the other three March girls, Beth, Jo and Amy, who were at the threshold of young-womanhood. This story features Meg and her family happily preparing for her marriage to John Brooke. Paperback , 320 pages Published September 1st 1995 by Penguin Books, Limited (UK) (first published 1868)

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    Louisa May Alcott

    As A. M. Barnard:
    Behind a Mask, or a Womans Power (1866)
    The Abbots Ghost, or Maurice Trehernes Temptation (1867)
    A Long Fatal Love Chase (1866 – first published 1995)
    First published anonymously:
    A Modern Mephistopheles (1877)

    Louisa May Alcott was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania on November 29, 1832. She and her three sisters, Anna, Elizabeth and May were educated by their father, philosopher/ teacher, Bronson Alcott and raised on the practical Christianity of their mother, Abigail May.

    Louisa spent her childhood in Boston and in Concord, Massachusetts, where her days were enlightened by visits to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s library, excursions into nature with Henry David Thoreau and theatricals in the barn at Hillside (now Hawthorne’s Wayside).

    Like her character, Jo March in Little Women, young Louisa was a tomboy: No boy could be my friend till I had beaten him in a race, she claimed, and no girl if she refused to climb trees, leap fences....

    For Louisa, writing was an early passion. She had a rich imagination and often her stories became melodramas that she and her sisters would act out for friends. Louisa preferred to play the lurid parts in these plays, the villains, ghosts, bandits, and disdainful queens.

    At age 15, troubled by the poverty that plagued her family, she vowed: I will do something by and by. Don’t care what, teach, sew, act, write, anything to help the family; and I’ll be rich and famous and happy before I die, see if I won’t!

    Confronting a society that offered little opportunity to women seeking employment, Louisa determined ...I will make a battering-ram of my head and make my way through this rough and tumble world. Whether as a teacher, seamstress, governess, or household servant, for many years Louisa did any work she could find.

    Louisa’s career as an author began with poetry and short stories that appeared in popular magazines. In 1854, when she was 22, her firs

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