Research Interviewing

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Research Interviewing

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  • 9780071074063

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  • 25 SEPTEMBER 2010

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    The robust, real-world approach makes this book appropriate for practitioner researchers and postgraduate students up to PhD level. Covers distance and face-to-face interviewing, from the un-structured and naturalistic to the highly structured, focused and time-efficient. Emphasis is placed on using the most appropriate methods for the research purpose and how to identify which method is practicable. Based on over thirty years of teaching and supervising research and postgraduate students, the author anticipates questions and difficulties at a level of practical detail.

    About the Author

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    Bill Gillham

    Upon graduating from Poteau, Oklahoma High School I joined the navy. History states that the atomic bomb caused the Japanese to surrender, but mom always claimed they’d heard I was coming. After the war I followed Anabel Hoyle to college which was a shrewd move for two reasons. I married her and the tuition was paid by the G. I. Bill (your tax dollars at work). Then came in random selection: grad school, four sons, a public school teacher/administrator/university professor career, all in Oklahoma.

    The Holy Spirit targeted my heart in 1957 while watching the first nationally televised Billy Graham Crusade. I responded to Brother Billy’s invitation to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. My experience was not accompanied by bells and whistles, so it was five years before God gave me assurance of my salvation through reading 1 John 5:11-13. Meanwhile I zealously worked for God according to the tradition of my elders. But, God wanted to teach me that although I meant well, this was not His plan. I was not to live my life for Christ, but to trust Christ in me to express His life through me, by faith. God accomplished this by allowing me to have a major career failure.

    Id received my doctorate from Oklahoma State University in 1969 to become a psychology professor at Southeastern OSU. Hoowee! Here comes DOCTOR Gillham! I thought I was such a hot dog that McDonald’s didn’t have enough mustard to cover me. But, God quickly let Satan take the wind out of my sails by making my lecture notes turn to Chinese in front of my class. Help! I sent up a 911 prayer, but got Gods voice mail I’ve gone to Mars today please leave a message and. It was horrible. And it kept happening! My self-esteem was down the toilet. But, God was at work. These failures caused me to abandon trusting in myself. The burden was transferred to Jesus (Ps. 55:22)! I learned that Christ lives in me to face life for me (Jn. 15:5)! Whew! What a relief! When a campus organization