This is BookChor School!

This is BookChor School!

With the BookChor School, we have tried to create a little bookish haven for our dear readers. Having interacted with you, meeting you and hearing your stories- we wanted to go the extra mile and bring all that awesomeness together. Ergo, the School.

The BookChor School, combines the nostalgia of school days with an integrated platform designed specifically for the readers to interact with each other. So now, everyone who logs in to BookChor School would be divided into one of the four houses depending on their preferred genres. The houses compete with each other in order to uplift the status of their house in the overall standing.

The students can engage in a variety of activities, such as- reviewing books, conducting polls, starting discussions, posting the picture of their latest book haul or their favourite quotes. They can also follow other like minded readers and friends and will be able to like or comment on their posts. Here begins the real fun, garner more and more followers and you will be rewarded with XPs and LPs. The experience points help you to advance through the ranks within the school, and the Loyalty points can be redeemed when you order from Bookchor. Here’s a rundown on how you can make the best of the App to gain more and more loyalty points and rise to the top of the leader board.

There are certain Quests which earn you easy XP points every day. For instance, if you log in to the app daily, you’d be rewarded with 20XPs. Do it continuously for a week and you win 50XPs. If one of your posts receives more than 25 likes, you get 50XPs and so on. If that wasn’t reason enough for you to garner more and more followers, you also get 5XPs for every new follower. Also, you can recommend books from the BookChor app to your friends and followers in the School and if they buy that you get another 30XPs. The more XPs you earn, more quickly would you advance through the different ranks, and get a chance to feature on the readerboard. Not to mention that you’d be contributing in making your House the toughest competitor on the block.
Your achievements, earn you even more XPs, and more importantly- Loyalty points- which are redeemable against your BookChor orders. Levelling up to the next rank gets you the most LP, which is proportional to the rank. Getting profile visits from other readers, having more and more followers, daily and weekly logins, get you LPs too. The orders that you place on BookChor, as well as the ones which your friends do on your recommendation are the easiest way to get LPs.

Set yourself an annual challenge of how many books you want to read. Add books to your TBR tab to keep a track of the ones you want to read, as well as move the ones that you have read to your Read Shelf. Users can also give each other suggestions for their TBRs. The BookChor School is here to cater to all your bookish needs. Sign up, and let the fun begin- Admissions to the BookChor School are now open.

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